About Us

Linda is the proud owner of Acneology - An Acne Skin Care Center. She has a passion, goal and mission to help others who struggles with acne. With her experience, she knows firsthand what it takes to battle this disease.

Linda is a licensed aesthetician and has over 10 years of experience in the cosmetic healthcare industry, including working for a prestige Med-Spa in Southern California. During her time working at the Med Spa, she had the opportunity to be trained by a doctor that specializes in acne and anti-aging.

During her teenage years, Linda suffered with severe Grade 4 Acne until her late twenties. She had spent thousands of dollars on different products and went to several estheticians hoping that they could remedy her acne problem. After many disappointed products, treatments and misinformation, she decided to seek medical help from a dermatologist. He prescribed her different types of topical medication and antibiotic, which she took for numerous years, but nothing worked. The medications left her with horrible side effects and severe depression.

Finally fed up with lack of positive results, Linda decided to put effort and research into this 4 letter disease, “acne.” She realized that acne was mainly genetics and there are no cure, only prevention. She vowed to herself that one day, she will find a way to help others struggling with this problem without resorting to antibiotics or tropical medications. Today, she is proud of the fact that she has found a way to help others that suffer from acne to get clearer skin!