How it Works

Thank you for your interest in Acneology. Prior to booking your first visit online or over the phone, please take a moment to read the program details below. 

How Acneology Works
Acneology’s Acne Clearing Program is based on combining two forms of treatment to help clear up acne: (1) Treatments performed in our clinic on a regular basis, and (2) At-home skincare routine provided after the initial consultation.

An initial consultation is required to assess whether you are a good candidate for our program, and to ensure you fully understand how we would go about addressing your skin concerns. During this initial consultation, an Acneology Aesthetician will ask you questions about concerns you have with your skin and results you are looking to achieve. S/he will proceed with an examination of your skin before concluding the assessment. If s/he determines you are a good candidate for the program, s/he will inform you of the specific treatments and products to be offered. If the assessment results in not a viable candidate for our program, s/he will refer and recommend other options to you.

It is your decision to proceed, or not, with the prescribed program plan after the assessment. If you choose to proceed, the Acneology Aesthetician may be able to begin treatments the same day. Due to the current condition of your skin at the consultation, there are limitations and restrictions to types of treatments that can be offered the same day. Therefore, we may commence the program with products to be used at home until we are able to schedule a treatment. 

It is important to note, if you choose to proceed with Acneology’s Treatment Program, you are required to purchase and use the products from our clinic. It is extremely important for you to follow all the instructions prescribed by Acneology Aesthetician taking care and treating your skin at home. Failure to do so may result in damaging your skin, which is the last thing we want. This is why the second part of our program is so critical to the success of clearing up your skin - you must use products from our clinic and follow instructions diligently.

Treatment at Our Clinic

The aesthetician will perform a facial treatment in our clinic and provide you with a cadence for follow-up treatments. It is important to stay on schedule with the prescribed in-office treatments. Therefore, a follow-up appointment is booked at the end of each treatment to ensure you stay on track with the prescribed cadence in order to obtain the results you are looking to achieve. Failure to continue with in-office treatment may delay progress, or yield no results at all. 

At-Home Skin Care Routine

The aesthetician will recommend a set of products and steps to use those products at home.In addition to the products, s/he will also provide information about other ways to help treat your acne beyond topical products (things such as diet, makeup ingredients, or external life factors that you can try adjusting). 



Please visit our FAQ page for additional information. If you are still unable to locate an answer to your question, please contact us via phone or email from our Contact page. 

Although desired results are not 100% guaranteed, Acneology is committed to and confident in the treatments and services we provide.