Retinol Serum

Retinol Serum

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Retinol Serum, specially formulated from Retinol & Peptides with Vitamin B3, Vitamin C Vitamin E & Pro Vitamin B-5, and high efficiency moisturizer. Helps rejuvenating, repairing and soothing the skin, and makes skin healthier and look younger, feeling soft, smooth and supple. Apply to the skin as a night serum.

Product Size: 1 oz.

Disclaimer: Before You Purchase

If you are a clinic client, please make sure that you have previously used this product before purchasing. Specific products with active ingredients, like this one, require approval by one of our Acne Specialists. If you do end up purchasing this product without approval, your order will not be shipped until we have contacted you to go over your other product options. If you have not used this product and would be interested in possibly adding it to your skincare routine, please contact our clinic to book an appointment, or chat with us online.